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We hear and see all the press coverage of the disgraceful scenes of violence at football matches.Now the angling press have brought to our attention that violence is now reaching the banks of fishing venues.These kind of reports seem to be on the increase and although needs to be brought out into the open,also needs to be stamped out.
Monk Lake Fisheries a popular and much loved venue in Kent has recently closed down due to the mindless thuggery of a night angler having no respect for the owner.When confronted for causing a disturbance took it upon himself to lash out.This is only one mindless act that not only gives our beloved sport a bad name but has also deprived many anglers the pleasure of fishing that particular venue.
Even more recently there were reports of other vicious attacks.A carp angler was hospitalised due to an attack at Hunstrete Lake near Pensford,Bristol.His two friends who were with him asked him to keep eye on their gear while they went for food.He mistook two other anglers tackle for his friends,but instead of just telling him they launched a violent attack.As he staggered to his car they carried on the attack,but this time with a HAMMER.The angler needed stitches to a gapping head wound.
Unfortunately these are not the only reported attacks.Another angler had his head beaten with a metal fishing chair,leaving him heavily bruised.This attack happened because the angler approached two "thugs" who had got bored fishing and decided to throw weights,not only at each other but at the wildlife as well.

At a time when we need to promote the good of our sport these acts are just the kind of publicity we do not need.This could even serve as ammunition for the anti angling groups that are already on our case in a bid to get rid of angling.You can imagine what they will say,something like, "not only do anglers have no respect for the health and safety of fish,they are now attacking each other".Which we know is not true as like in the football world,it is only the mindless few and not the majority.Many true anglers have and still are trying their utmost to promote the good of angling.Constantly trying to introduce new anglers,young and old to the sport.What are the newcomers going to think,they will probably have second thoughts of fishing if they think they are going to be attacked if they say the wrong thing to the wrong person.

This is a very difficult situation because how can thuggery be stamped out? Some fisheries are able to provide 24 hour security which is very reassuring to many anglers,but many do not have the resources to do this.So where do we go from here?
I for one dont know,do you?