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Scott Osmond began carpfishing in 1982 at the age of 7 .The first bait he ever tried was the classic oatmeal ball which he saw someone using with success the week before. The city he grew up in , Lowell , MA , has a good population of carp in the Merrimack and Concord rivers and this is where he learned most of what he knows today about catching carp. These two rivers offer many different fishing situations and many different opportunities to learn. From stalking , surface fishing for "clooping" fish , fast current , to session fishing , he learned to catch from many situations before even knowing what these terms meant!
His first 20+ came in 1989 when he was 14 .Then moved on to break his PB with an unexpected 30+ while on a trout and salmon trip to Seneca lake , NY.
A local bait shop owner started talking of the big carp and invited Scott to go along with him .Scott say's  " You could see all the fish muddying and bubbling. Then I saw him open this big bag of dry hard corn and was told this is what he chummed with , we used just sweetcorn on the hook. About an hour later , after a couple of 18s I landed a 32½lber! Wait till all the boys back home see the pics of this!!! Later that year I learned this guy , Dennis , took his biggest , a 38 lber. What a lake!".

fishing adventures
Thanks to Scott for this contribution.
Visit his site for some facinating reading.