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Frenchman Jean - Francois Helias is well known to the Thai fishing world, due to his angling skills, his fishing record and his knowledge. He has lived in Thailand since 1986, and is the only non-Thai to have been featured in numerous Thai fishing magazines and also appears in TV programs.He also contibutes to the most widely read monthly fishing magazine in Thailand - "Thailand Anglers".Also doing freelance articles to magazines in South East Asia and Europe. He inherited his passion for angling at age four from his father - Edmond Helias - who was himself an excellent fishing competitor during the 50's and 60's.His early experience in France later combined with an extensive research and practice in Asian waters of techniques and skills that make him, today, a fishing guide 'par excellence'. As the founder of Fishing Adventures , he created the tour programs for both beginners and experts on sites where he knows fish abound within the exotic rural scenery of the Royal Kingdom of Thailand. Trilingual ( French/English/Thai), with a very agreeable and enthusiastic personality, he is an ideal fishing companion for anyone wishing to know more about the fish of Thailand and how best to catch them.

Heres an interesting e-mail I recently recieved (13/5/02) from Jean-Francois:

Dear Les, I arrived 3 days ago from a long jungle fishing trip. Since my return on the 9th May I had to guide for 2 more days at Bung Sam Lan Lake and today I got to leave now for 2 days and 1 night fishing at the Nakorn Nayok River. I was far away from Bangkok for 14 days, fishing with 8 nice guys from various nationalities both dams : Srinakarin and Khao Laem and a few rivers feeding those reservoirs too. Of course I would love to tell you more in details how amazing was that trip. But using only one finger to type, I just don't want to start talking about it. You know how talkative I am..... Let's say each of us had a great time through the whole adventure. To make it short, we brought back from Srinakarin 4 new IGFA World Records (all for new Thai fish species), caught at the same dam a wonderful Thai Masheer, many Snakes (the 2 biggest Giant Snakeheads weighting repectively 5.90 Kg and 6.00 Kg), and at last after years dreaming about it I finally succeeded to catch for the very first time a rare jungle Cobra Snakehead of 2.00 Kg. A few days later, a novice angler from Singapore I was guiding at Khao Laem caught himself another Cobra Snake too, this one of 1.80 Kg. Sportfishing can be so amazing, isn't it ? I opened my mailbox that night, and as usual when I have been away for a long time, loads of mail came in. I wished then I could have been far away from this computer and be back in the peaceful wild where I was all these recent days (smile). Kind regards, Jean-Francois Helias

Here are some "Big Head Carp" ( Aristichthys nobilis )

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Small Scale Mud Carp (Cirrhina microlepis), a lovely species that can reach at most around 10.00 Kg.


I did ask Jean-Francois for some detail on bait he uses,but he surprisingly declined.He just said:-

"You'll have to torture me Les to make me tell you that formula recipe. Sorry my friend, I just can tell you there is bread and coconut milk for 2 ingredients in particular. The rest of what we mix with it is our secret !"

Cant blame him,whatever it is,it is working wonders.Some great fish,from a great man.

fishing adventures
Many thanks to Jean-Francois for this contribution