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One of the main factors when session carpin is, comfort and warmth. If you are not warm, dry, and comfortable, then your not going to stay aware of what’s going on around you, so your fishing will suffer. So this section will deal with your comfort when session carpin.

Bedchairs - There are many on the market, some of the better ones come from the main players in carp fishing, JRC, FOX, NASH, they all have budget priced bedchairs right through to top of the range comfort. If you are planning on session fishing then look at the better ones, though they may hit your pocket, they will save your back.
One of the more reasonable priced bedchairs is the JRC Defender not over priced and padded to give you a little more comfort.

Sleeping Bags - Again there are many on the market, from the bargain for Wooleys to the tackle shop (Named) ones. No matter what you go for a 3 season bag is the lowest that you should go for, the 4 and 5 season bags being the better ones for early spring, autumn and winter.
One to look at is the Outbounds 4 seasons bag which is a very high tog and very reasonable on the pocket.

Cookers - One thing you will need is a warm cuppa, or a hot meal inside you when session carpin, this all helps in making your session enjoyable. There are a few good gas cookers on the market Primus stoves, Gogas, Campingaz the all have good quality stoves. The Primus easy-stove is a very good one and the cost is around £50. Then there the Colemans products which include the SPORTSTER 11 STOVE which is a single burner and the Double burner stove which costs around £67 the sportster is around £46 both these run on unleaded petrol. But they boil very quickly (a litre of water in 4 mins) not bad eh! (please remember do not use any cooker in enclosed areas)

Oval Brolleys, Bivvies and Domes - Oval Brolleys give you the all round view, but open to the elements but for 24 hour sessions are great and moving from swim to swim very easy. Hutshinson, Fox, Nash all offer very good products and start around £100. When it comes to Bivvies and Domes there quality ones from all the top companies and range of prices range far more The new JRC defender at £70 also the Defender extreme £90

My own Dome is the Hutchinson Geo 2, and I have it for three years and it is a very good two man tent and the cost has not changed the new Geo 2.2 costs around £200 no change there and well worth the money.


There are more from Fox, Nash which includes the Viper but check them out for yourself. We all have different ideas what we want from our home on the lake.


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