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Most seasons start in the UK around the 1st of April with the arrival of the yearly costs of a new rod licence or two. Which makes it a very costly time of year for the angler, so you look for the best value in the venues you are going to fish for that coming season. Now put with the bait and equipment you will need, itís getting more costly. So the right venue is a must !

Where do you start? Before you start looking at bait, its best to find the venue, as some venues have certain bait bans.

Venues - There are many types to look at, clubs, syndicates and day ticket venues. This is where you need to do your homework.
Homework - Information can be sort from the local tackle shop, also from the anglers on the bank, plus magazines and the Internet by joining e-mail fishing groups such as Leadslingers who have members all over the UK. Also many quality fisheries now have websites of their own. By doing your homework and gathering as much information as possible, could mean the difference between a good season and a very poor one.

I for one have had to do this for the coming season; I have been at my syndicate lake for seven years now and thought it was time for a change. Which has meant doing my homework, in doing this I will not only be changing my venue but also my bait. A very costly move, but if I have done my homework properly, then it will show the benefits on the bank.


Doing Your Homework

Following on from the right venue, I thought the best way to put this across was to do an article on the homework involved in you choice of venue. The best way was do this, was to do a piece on how I have gone about the choice of a venue for this coming season.

My choice was made through local knowledge of the carp anglers who fish this venue, also what was on offer. What do I mean by offer? Well I have spent the last few years fishing a well run syndicate water, small in size but which had a large head of carp to thirty pounds. My new choice although more expensive, offered more than one lake and carp to over fifty pounds. Now to some that would be the selling point, but you have to look further than size of fish. The fishery is also well run and the swims are in very good order, also by checking out the rules of the fishery you can also judge if the fishery is well run, this was the case with my chosen venue.

As I have said my choice was made through local knowledge of anglers who fish this venue, by speaking to the people who fish there, gives you some insight to the fishery. I was lucky, as the carper who I spoke to was a member of Leadslingers e-mail group and he is a bailiff there. So by using the internet ( Leadslingers) and looking at the fishery site, it gave me more insight to the fishery. There are many other ways of gaining information of venues, carp talk, carp world, crafty carper just to name three magazines offering information through photos of carp caught at the venue. Also the local tackle shops, these can give you an insight to what baits are used.

The choice of baits can be limited by the fishery itself, so this is another reason for checking out the rules of the fishery. Some have banned baits, such as Boilies or particals. In my case the Boilie was not a banned bait, so my choice of which Boilies was open.

Through speaking to the carpers on the venue, plus keeping you eyes open you can learn what is the choice of most of the members. On the fishery I have chosen, mainline baits and premier baits seem to be the favoured ones, that does not mean you should not try other quality baits. I for one have never been the type to follow the rest. But that said, I will be using the premier baits matrix on this venue on two rods, as I am in a small team of anglers who will be fishing this venue together, so regular baiting between us hopefully will do the business for us. On my third rod, I will go with a change of bait. This I will tell you more about at some stage in the future.

For me, my new season starts like many of you on the 1st of April. I will bring you up to date on what is happening and how my homework has paid off from time to time, but for now good luck for the season ahead and I hope you enjoy the fruits of your homework in carp on the bank.

Tight lines JT. leadslingers