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As for making your own bait, let's stay with the Nutrabaits range for now. Again I will be looking at others soon.

Apart from the Big fish mix, they do seed mix, Hi-nu-val, four seasons mix and at the budget end of the market the 50/50 mix this one is also done by Richworths 50/50 gold. The only fault I have with Nutrabaits is that they put recipes inside the base mix, which would be better served on the outside of the pack in order for us to pick out the other ingredients we need to make our first Boilies.
So listed below is three recipes to help you.

RECIPE 1. The Big Fish Mix
1lb B.F.M.
20mls Cod Liver Oil
2grms Green Lipped Mussel
15mls Nutramino
4mls loganberry
1ml sweetener
5 size 2 eggs roll 16mm Boilie boil time 90sec.
RECIPE 2. 50/50 Mix
1lb 50/50
20mls Nutramino or Multimino
4mls Ratafia u.t.c.s.
2grms Betaine HC1
6 drops black pepper oil or 1ml spiced Cajouser
5 size 2 eggs roll 16mm boil up to 90secs
RECIPE 3. Four Season Mix
1lb F.S.M.
20mls corn steep liquor or nutramino
4mls Game-on u.t.c.s.
3mls Caviar u.t.c.s.
2grms Shrimp extract
6 drops black pepper oil
6 size 2 eggs roll 16mm boil time 2 mins
RECIPE 4. (Sent in by Sharon)
Quality baits birdfood hnv base mix
25 mil secret agent
50 mil plum puree (nash bait)
50 mil blackcurrant ( nutrabaits)
50 mil peach (nutrabaits)
50 mil fruit sense appeal (nash bait)
The above flavours are mixed into a large vessel and used at 1 mil per egg.
This is a top blend of flavours and base mix.
Caught lots of fish on it,also done a good few pbs as well worked well on
  "Grey Mist" in Warrington.



Soon the winter months will be with us and for those of you who like to change their baiting methods and recipes for the onset of winter, now is a good time to start introducing your winter bait. For me September and early October is about the right time to offer your winter baits freely into those summer hotspots, not on the hook mind, let the carp have these freebies and get used to them. You may feel that this is a waste of bait, but it's not. I believe in using my summer baits for as long as possible, as long as I'm catching then I stay with it. The Freebie winter baits, will give up those bonus winter carp. Again with the onset of winter, don't forget those summer hotspots, they can still give up many good carp during the winter months. The slow introduction of your winter baits over the next few months will give you an edge, so what is a good recipe for winter carpin, here are a few that I have used over the last few years and they are good working recipes which I continue to use.



Mainline Grange mix
Cornsteep Liquor up to 30mls
Active Ade go by label on bottle
This recipe works well without added flavour
Hint (add Hutchinson's secret agent to the finished bait)

Ener-vite Gold (Nutrabaits)
Cream EA 3ml
Strawberry EA 2ml
Bergamot Oil 6 drops
Cream Super Sweet 1 heaped tsp
Hint (this is when I feel Strawberry really comes into it's own during the winter months)

Four Seasons Mix
Betaine HC1 4 grams
Nutramino 20mls
Banana Nutrafruit 2ml
EA Cream Elite 2ml
Black Pepper Oil 6 drops
Hint (as with all the recipes add 6 eggs size 2)

50/50 split of Hutchy Liver Mix and Yellow Seed Mix (1 kilo total)
Hutchinson Ester fruit flavour 3ml
Hutchinson Amino blend swan mussel 6ml
Hutchinson Protaste Plus 2ml
Hutchinson Fruit Enhancer 1 teaspoon
Hint (a useful bait dip is always worth taking with you)



Richworth frozen Tutti Frutti or Pineapple Hawaiian
Mainline Assassin-8
Nutrabaits Trigga
Nash Whiskey

There are many good ones on the market but I can only say the above baits and recipes work as I have used them. Once you have carried out you pre-baiting over the next few months, then when it comes to winter and you start to use them on your hook bait, fish them over a pellet and hemp bed, this again will add to the pulling power of your bait. Hint (when making your baits for winter boost the food liquid levels but not the flavour and keep the baits small) Hint (when baiting up do not pile them in, a kilo should be enough to cover two hot spots as freebies in the build up to your winter campaign.

I will be adding more to this recipe page, but if you have any you would like to see then
 email them to Les, if on the other hand you try any of these recipes and you land a nice carp then send Les the photo and let him know the details
I am sure he will add it to his fine 
Carpers Gallery page.


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