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Worth a Read
You can never have enough knowledge in this ever changing world of carp fishing and apart from the weekly and monthly mags, itís very handy to have some reference books to fall back on. So I have listed some of the best reads for you check out.

Book 1. "Practical Carp Fishing"   by Julian Cundiff

What a reference book this is, covering rigs, bait, winter fishing, photography. And much much more.

Book 2. "Starting Carping"  by Julian Cundiff.

Again another book which is worth picking up if you are about to venture into carp fishing.

Book 3. "To Catch a Carp"  by Tim Paisley

A well known figure in the carp world and his books put you there on the bank.If you like a read which will make you want to fish and if you can get hold of a copy, but remember this one is not a technical book, more of a diary of a life of a carper then get this one

Book 4. "Casting at the Sun"  by Chris Yates

This book covers the life in fishing of Chris Yates, from fishing a small pond, through to his days at Redmire pool.

Worth a Watch
Again like books, there are many videos on the market worth a look at and many have good tips on them to help you. Listed below are some worth a view.

Video 1. "Carp Fishing" with Des Taylor

Des Taylor fishing at Mill pool in which he takes you through all the rigs, baits and methods of fishing for carp at this special venue.

Video 2. "Stalking Carp" with Des Taylor

Again Des Taylor is at Mill pool, this time he takes you through the exciting area of stalking carp off the top.

Video 3. "The Fox Guide to carp fishing" with Matt Hayes and Max Cottis

Although this is a Fox video showing their range of products and there are three videos to the set, Matt and Max take you through feature finding, baits, rigs and photography to help you get the best from carp fishing.

Video 4. "Carp Fishing" with Andy Little

This video made through anglers mail and Dam Products again takes you through all the avenues of carp fishing.

Video 5. "Long Range Carping" with Phil Hyde, Tim Paisley and Clive Gibbins

Long range carping takes practice and proper set-ups this video takes you through the basics and is well worth taking a look at if you are thinking of fishing at range.

Video 6. "Ultimate Carping Guide" with Liam Dale and Friends.

This is a must for all you carpers who are thinking of going to France, it takes you through all the pit falls of fishing in France. The planning of your trip right through to landing your first big carp. It is based at Rainbow lakes with Liam Dale, Bill Cottam and others, it also takes you to another venue where you see Kevin Maddox land a very large carp. Well worth a look.

Video 7. "Nutrabaits"

This is a bait video from no other than Nutrabaits with many of the big names in carp fishing showing you how to make baits, glugs, dips and the like, so if you are into making bait then get this one. Even if you donít use their products itís somewhere to start when it comes to learning about baits.