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P. V. A.

WHAT  IS   P.V.A.?

P. V. A. (Poly Vinyl Acetate) is a water soluble substance that dissolves when immersed in water. It comes in a variety of forms which allow you to present "freebies" not only on the bottom, but nicely on top of any weed or silt.
The good thing about it is that you don't have to be an expert at getting your bait in one area. This does it without scattering bait all over the place, however you do need to make sure that you cast to exactly where you want as you only get one shot.
Many "Carpers" use it to allow them to get to normally inaccessible places,because the hook can be covered and will not get caught or snagged up.


Rigged Stringer.jpg

Thread boilies or meats onto the string using a long bait needle, 4 to 6 baits is common for one string. Then simply tie to the hook or hair. When cast the string melts,leaving a line of offerings next to the hookbait.
When you've got the hang of making your "stringer", why not try a multi stringer. This will allow you to present anything up to 20 boilies around the hookbait.
The downside to the multi stringer is that you cannot cast at distance.


P. V. A.   TAPE

Much the same as string, but is wide and flat. It's good for gripping the bait at long range and also leaves a larger gap between the freebie's, allowing more flavour to escape

1. Pull a length of tape off, around 10",and thread 6 baits onto the needle.

2. Hook the tape onto the needle and gently slide the baits off onto the tape.

3.Make sure you leave a space between the baits,and a larger space in the middle.Repeat this to make a double stringer.

4. Wrap the middle part of the first stringer around the bend of the hook. Then repeat for the second.

5. You should now have multi baits hanging, looking something like a spider.

When in flight,the tape is pulled tight so will not come off. This method can be used to present up to 20 baits on the bottom along side your hookbait. When the stringer melts your hookbait will be disguised amongst the free offerings.
So you see, we can be just as crafty as the old crafty carp !


P. V. A.   BAGS

These are great for distance casting, can take a bit of practice but once mastered can be perfect for presentation.
Always use a good quality bag and make sure everything is dry before using. Keep dry towels with you to wipe your hands and rig etc.

1. Fill the bag to about a third with whatever free offerings you are going to use. Then place your hookbait and lead into the bag, making sure they don't tangle.Fill the rest of the bag with offerings, leaving enough room at the top to seal the bag. Pack your bait tight enough to fill any gaps, but not too tight otherwise the bag will split.

2. Twist the top of the bag tightly making sure there is no air in the bag and secure with pva string or tape.

3. Any corners of the bag that are sticking out can be neatly stuck down by licking them and folding over to form a ball. This will make the bag more aerodynamic
4.You are then left with a neat ball of freebies

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