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I have spent many carpin years making my own bait, mostly due to the fact that I have always liked the thought of landing a carp, on something I have spent the time putting together myself. The quality of the base mix has always been the main factor in putting the bait together. Each individual ingredient of any quality base mix must be weighed out ensuring that each batch of base mix is exactly the same. For many carp anglers coming into the sport now it is very easy as the base mixes are put together and sold in bags or buckets or even in ready-made form. If I was to start going on about sodium caseinate, lactalbumin, capelin meal and the like, many of you would be saying,Ē what is he going on aboutĒ but this is the most important part of your bait make-up and this is what this is all about.

Many Carperís are too interested in what flavour Boilie, there is much more to the bait than just a flavour. Look at this way, you are in a restaurant you order steak with a nice pepper sauce, it is brought to your table and it smells great the flavour of the sauce makes your mouth water, then you start to cut and all there is under the sauce is fat and gristle, thatís you finished you donít want to know anymore do you. Well take that thought to your carp bait; you have to look further than flavour if you want your bait to continue to work.

So we have covered the base mix, now for the liquid foods. The inclusion of liquid foods is strongly recommended in long term food baits, again there is many on the market from quality bait companies. They include, liquid molasses, corn steep liquor and liquid kelp extract. Then there are bulk food oils, which includes caplin oil, cod liver oil and one of the best salmon oil. There are many liquid and bulk oils on the market in which to include in your bait, many of these are recommended by the bait companies and some which can be found on supermarket shelves.

So we are slowly building up a quality bait which is going to catch us some carp, there are more attractors which we could include into our bait at the base mix stage, many have already been added by the companies, but some which I would recommend include Robin Red and Kelp powder. Other extracts that are always worth including at this stage are Green Lipped Extract, Liver Extract, Lobster or Shrimp Extract. Now it would be easy to over do it with the inclusion of all this in your bait and very costly too. Thatís not what I am trying to get across to you, its signature your own to your bait and that there is more to bait than flavour, as a quality food bait will catch carp without the inclusion of flavour. I have to smile when I hear people say tutti fruitti does not work on this lake anymore itís blown. Many of the old flavours which are still added to quality baits today as a signature still catch carp Peach Melba, Bun Spice, Strawberry and Guava old flavours that seem to have been around since Dick knows when and continue to add something to the bait on the short term.

Remember what I have said, a flavour is only a small part of the make-up of your bait and not the main part, as if you have a quality base mix with your added signatures in food oils and the like, your bait will work without any flavour, due to the signals which are given off by the base mix and liquid foods.

That said, the inclusion of your essential signature will add to you bait. An essential signature is a two-part additive of flavour and oil, one such oil is black pepper oil, which many anglers add to their baits. There are many on the market, which work very well in adding something special to the bait. Strawberry flavour is one of the oldest flavours out there, which nearly every carp has come across at some stage and if bait can be blown bait, the inclusion of this flavour would be the one. But add Bergamot oil to strawberry and its taken on a new signature. Again take Ylang Ylang oil add that to Guava flavour and this is a very old combo it continues to catch carp.

Hopefully this has given you an insight into a quality Boilie and when your next looking to put bait together you will look deeper than flavour, build bait, which will have a flavour as a signature.

If you need any answerís to questions on making your own bait, why not go to
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All the best JT