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23rd August 2002. All Stars are out for the New Crowsheath Record!

Well talk about timing!

It couldn’t of been hotter for the Cracking Crowsheath weekender and of course this meant that most of the fish were sunbathing in the quiet corners of the lake. Still, Gary Bayes, the captor of the biggest True English Carp in the UK ever, managed to get a couple of double figure fish under his belt, taking one of his fish on a 'Zig Rig', Fishing a Scopex Squid pop up just underneath the surface. As the fish were mainly patrolling the upper layers of the water in the 34 degree searing heat!

Apart from fishing, Gary spent a lot of time with other anglers, showing them how to best tackle the venue. Or letting them pick his brains, everyone had a question they wanted an informed answer too. Anglers said ' you listen and learn from him, fishing a water with only 1 fish every 3 acres, takes something more than JUST luck! Thats like having only 3 carp in Crowsheath!!! There’s over 400 in it at present!!! Sometimes I still dont catch anything! The man KNOWS!

Dean Macey has been back to the venue and this time he actually managed to land his fish!(last week he was dropping them all) The lucky so un so got hold of some pussy, some v e r y bi g pussy as well! The beast actually moved the scales around to 38.08lb and was huge, the great fish had screamed off at 12 am with Deans Method Feeder Rod , he had just tucked himself up for the night. He was absolutly exstatic and said, " I’ve had a thirty eight pounder!!, Bloody hell!!, then letting out the macey growl "come on!" he said. Sorry to any other angler who heard this at the time!

Fishery Partner Gary Norton took the flicks for him, him too having to get out of his sleeping bag, half asleep, being greeted by the new record at 38.08lb, soon had him jumping around with the camera, snapping from every angle.

Deans New record puts pressure on the first 40lb’er Reward. Cat's will still feed for the next two weeks or so at the same rate they are now, then the action will reduce and with it the big weights until next summer. Deans fish has put on 2lb since its last capture. So there will be a chance of it going 41lb by September as it stuffs itself on the Baby fry in the lake. If the anglers pay the extra pound then they could win £440's worth off of Nash Tackle! Deans wants it too!! So does Gary, Gary Has said that he will again put the reward up for grabs if it is he who lands the frist thirty carp or the first 40 cat from the lake he said " Me catching it first is my Target I could get it past the missus, Sorry Darling Ive got to buy MYSELF £400's worth of tackle!? Er, I think that NO , would be the answer to that, so I'd just carry it on and let someone else get it! I'd just like to catch it first, thats better than any new Rod!

The following evening Derek ‘Don Ritchie another big Carp fishing Star and Jim Foster, the editor of Total Carp Magazine joined Dean Macey and Gary Norton for a feature and again between them caught fish to 14lb.

Gary Norton took two fish, leaving it till Sunday afternoon to bank his first fish of 14lb 'off the top' controller fished breadcrust resulting in the take. Gary was actually chasing a big mirror around the lake most of the afternoon.

The big mirror was too slow to the crust that Gary had placed in its path, beaten to it by the 14lb mirror. Which had come vertically up through the water 8 inches in front of the big possible first thirty for the venue. Snatching the bait and leaving Gary watching the huge bow wave that it made when leaving the area knowing another fish had been hooked! It could have put to rest Gary’s quest to catch the first 30lb fish." The big'un had been taking a few mixers but kept appearing in the opposite part of the swim I had placed my bait. I decided to cast as close as possible to it, without spooking it, the only way was to try to "catch the controller during the cast by stopping the line with my finger and cushioning the float to the surface. It worked for once! The big'un was there and I new it was going to take it! Until the smaller fish had come through the surface with its mouth surrounding the hook bait I had to strike I couldn’t resist it! I’m not completely gutted though, as it looked fantastic!