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Here is a guide to following the correct procedures in claiming a record for a fish as laid down by the

The claimant should contact the Committee Secretary by telephone :
01626 331330 (24 Hour)
Advice will then be given concerning preservation, identification and claims procedure
Claims must be confirmed promptly in writing to the Secretary stating:
1. The species caught and the weight.
2. The date, place caught,  and what tackle was used.
3.  Names & addresses of 2 witnesses, both as to the capture, and weight.
    Witness forms must be signed.

If no witnesses to the capture are available, the claimant must verify his/her claim by affidavit.
Photographs of the fish must be made available which should be good quality and preferably in colour.
They should include shots of the angler, holding the fish in a normal manner, or in the case of a very large fish, standing alongside it, and also the fish lying on the ground on or next to, an identifiable object.
Fish must be caught on rod and line with any legal hook or lure and hooked and played by ONE PERSON ONLY. Assistance to land the fish (i.e. gaffing, netting) is permitted provided the helper does no touch any part of the tackle other than the leader.
The fish must be weighed on land using scales which can be tested on behalf of the Committee.

Where possible commercial or trade scales which are checked regularly by the Weights and Measures Department should be used.

The sensitivity of the scales should be appropriate to the size of the fish, i.e. small fish should be weighed on finely graduated scales and the weight claimed for the fish should be to a division of weight (ounce, dram, gramme) not less than the smallest division shown on the scales
A Weights and Measures Certificate must be produced certifying the accuracy of the scales used and indicating testing at the claimed weight.
In the case of species weighing less than one pound the claimed weight must be submitted in grammes.
The weight must be verified by two independent witnesses who, for example, should not be relations of the claimant .