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The list is endless when it comes to the Boilie, size, shape, colour, and flavour. High protein, low protein, fishmeal or birdseed, many claiming the captures of many thirty and forty pound carp, but letís not forget you have to be fishing venues with those size carp in them to start with.

So where shall we start, the readymade Boilie.

There are many cheap ready-mades if not more, than there are quality ones. But itís quality ones which we are interested in. Firstly, look at the company, which offer ready-mades. They know if they make a good quality working readymade, the chances are that you will buy and use other items from them. Such companies are Nash, Solar, Richworth, Hutchinson, Mainline and Nutrabaits. There are so many good companies out there, so donít look at the cheapest. Just because you can get ten kilos of that one to the cost of five kilos of a quality one.

One quality readymade that I have used is, the classic range from Nutrabait. And before we go any further I will be doing write-ups on other ready-mades, but first the classics.

Nutrabaits do the classic range in a number of flavours; my two favourites from their stable are the Cranberry and the Cream Cajouser. The cranberry readymade used with the breakdown pellet also from Nutrabait accounted for some nice commons for me at Redmire back in 1997, so they hold a special place in my bait box and if you are looking for something different from what others are using on your venue then the cream Cajouser is just what you are looking for. But if you are going to day ticket venues then you wont go wrong with the cranberry.

As for making your own bait, letís stay with the Nutrabaits range for now. Again I will be looking at others soon.

Apart from the Big fish mix, they do seed mix, Hi-nu-val, four seasons mix and at the budget end of the market the 50/50 mix this one is also done by Richworths 50/50 gold. The only fault I have with Nutrabaits is that they put recipes inside the base mix, which would be better served on the outside of the pack in order for us to pick out the other ingredients we need to make our first Boilies.

"So how do you make boilies"

Here some easy steps to get you on your way.

INGREDIENTS: 1lb Big Fish Mix (Nutrabaits) - 30mls cod liver oil -
20mls nutramino - 4mls loganberry - 6 eggs (size 2)
STEP 1Crack the eggs into a bowl and add the 4mls loganberry flavouring.
It is vital this is mixed thoroughly so the flavouring is evenly distributed.
STEP 2Mix all the remaining base ingredients thoroughly together in another bowl and add a colouring if you wish
STEP 3Gradually add the base mix to the egg mix a little at a time to form a paste.Nead the paste to ensure the two mixtures are thoroughly mixed together.
STEP 4You will eventually end up with a firm ball of paste.Leave this to stand for a short while (4 or 5 minutes) to settle.
STEP 5When the large ball of paste has had time to settle, slice it into several strips.Then roll each strip into sausage shapes.
The thickness of each "sausage" depends on the size boilie you want.
A rough guide for a 14mm boilie, is to roll the paste to about the size of a chipolata.
STEP 6When you have all your "sausages" ready, cut them into about 1cm pieces and round each of them into neat round balls.
STEP 7Bring some water to the boil and gently "and carefully" add the balls.Continue to boil for around 2 to 3 minutes depending on how hard you want them to be.When boiled, drain and place them on a dry cloth and allow them to dry out thoroughly.
STEP 8When they have completely dried out they can be used straight away, or frozen



Here are just some of the baits on the market, which we feel are worth you looking at in your quest to catch that personal best carp. But remember, no-matter what size the carp is, if itís a carp then you are doing it right and thatís a result.
Ocean Baits
They have some very good Boilies in there ready made Range, in resealable bags.
The strawberry is one which I recommend, I normally would not buy strawberry Boilies, as I feel the flavour is old hat now, but Ocean baits have got a winner in their ready-mades, including the strawberry!
Ocean Baits also include a small pack of pop-ups with their ready-mades, which as got to be an added bonus when buying your baits.
You can also buy the pop-ups and fished over Mainlines strawberry crumbleball pellets they make a very good combo
Ocean Boilies

Pop up
The Mainline range
Top quality ready-mades and base mixes are widely available from tackle shops and are worth a good look, the crumbleball pellet works well with any brand of Boilie. They can be drilled for use on astringer, which gets them to where you cast, putting a carpet of bait around you hook bait.
Crumball Pellet
Nutrabaits have yet another winner in their stable of quality products. Trigga pop-ups along with the readymade Boilie. I have been using this combo over the last few weeks on day ticket waters, and although I have not landed any monsters results have been good. Quality does not come cheap and although I like to make my own bait, or have it made fresh for me, a pack of readymade trigga Boilies will be in my bait box along with some of these.
Trigga pellets the perfect combo to the trigga range from Nutrabaits, you can buy the Trigga pellet hook baits also and just like crumball pellets from Mainline the trigga pellets work with any combo you choose to use. Just look at the picture below, if you were a carp what a feast this would be.
Not sure about this one, butPowerBait, have brought out a Latex Boilie and a Dip to use with it. It seems to be the thing now to make artificial baits, from maggots to these Boilies, I have not tried these myself but I am willing to put the results of any captures on this site, so if you try them let me know. I do know the artificial dog biscuit works, as I saw eight carp landed at Wylands using them on a hook along side floating Chum biscuits.Powerbaits
The perfect feast for your specimen carp
These are just some of the hook pellets on the market and they are all good quality and fished over marine pellets, they can produce that bonus carp.
These high-energy Marine pellets come in 6mm, 8mm, and 12mm sizes
Rigged Baits & Pellet


Carp baits are not just about Boilies, but before I move on to other baits check these out at your tackle shop, it is not a new concept in Boilies but it can ring the changes for you Boilie boys out there.

Richworth Dumbells Boilie Pellets
Richworth have released their new concept Boilie pellets, made from the ingredients as their standard Boilies.
Although the shape is not new to most carpers who roll their own Boilies, Richworths claim that the new dumbbell shape has itís advantages - the larger surface area increases flavour leakage and could fool the carp that shy away from the standard shaped Boilie. They come in the readymade range of quality baits from Richworth and come in the following flavours, Strawberry Jam (which is a good flavour for winter fishing) also Multi-Plex, Tutti Fruiti and Crab and Mussel.

Carp Tech Boilie Eggs
These are again odd shaped Boilies from Carp Tech approx 20mm long 16mm wide made from quality base mix and comes in various flavours, again these could swing the changes.

Dynamite Baits Monster Tiger Nuts.
For those fisheries, which still allow you to fish Tiger nuts, Dynamite Baits have taken the work out of using these powerful baits. The preparation of Tigers must be done properly, so now you have the work done for you. Leaving you to open the tin and get fishing.

Dynamite Baits Hemp seed
The preparation of all particals has to be done properly, so if you donít have the time then this could be the answer you are looking for, again Dynamite Baits have prepared hemp in tins for you again well worth the time and money to keep in your bait box, But like all these things, if you use them,
. While I am on the subject of Hemp, if you want do prepare your own but are not sure how too, then checkout hemp in our bait link on this site.

Hopefully that has given you some idea of what bait to take to that venue of yours, if you want to make your own bait there are some recipes on the recipe page for you to try. And remember we are always pleased to here from you on how you have got on so e-mail  Les with you results, or if you have a question for him or me post it in the forum  and we will do our best to answer it.



This mix contains the best fish meals, milk proteins and fish proteins that are available. Also included in the recipe are high levels of Green Lipped Mussel Extract, Betaine complex and vitamin supplements, with an added ingredient designed to improve digestion.
Premier the manufacturers maintain that the bait has instant attraction, a high food value and improves the more it is applied.
When mixed the bait is a dark red in colour, this for me is a plus, the baits have a firm moist texture and an amazing smell, having just received my first batch I have to agree on the smell.
I have been informed that the baits go out well in a throwing stick ( yet to be tried by yours truly ), the baits stay hard on the hook but break down after a few days, releasing lots of attraction.

My next session will be the test for me, having discussed the bait and its advantages I have decided to give it a go, as I have always used fish meals for most of my fishing I have nothing to lose.

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