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CAMOS -"Calamities"


Sometimes whilst sitting and watching motionless indicators, the serious side of me wonders...............
what am I doing wrong ?
is my presentaion right ?
has the bait been masked by debris ?

But when I am happy with all that, I tend to reflect on past adventures.
Only this week was somewhat different, instead of thinking about past captures etc., I started thinking of the "silly side" of my fishing career.

I once had the nickname of "Lilo", given to me by "Carper JT" my Bro!! and he knows only too well how it came about.
 One thing I will say, if you ever meet him and he say's "can I have a go", dont let him, I did and this is what happened.

It was February and I was Pike fishing on Griffin Lake at Chartham in Kent. I had my baits near some Norfolk reeds, and do Pike like these, they are a great ambush point.
I noticed a couple of people walking around the lake and it was John and his wife Pat, so the kettle was put on.
Whilst waiting for it to boil, John asked if he could have a go. By this he means have a cast of my rod, to which I agreed. So after reeling in the rig with my last bait on and my last rig,if my memory serves me right.

THE CAST..........
The cast went straight into the reeds....."it's alright I will get it back".....and sure enough he did, only to cast it back into them AGAIN!!
only this time he was unsuccsesful and the line parted.

So not wanting to leave a rig in the water or more to the point not wanting to pack-up, I made the decision to go in and get the rig back.

THE LILO..........
I know I will put on on all my clothes, wet gear and get out my Lilo, which was handy as I had a canvas lilo that not only made a comfortable bed, but folded up into a chair...
(this I forgot about until it was too late)
So I placed the lilo half on the bank and half in the water and Pat pushed me out into the lake.
I retreived my rig and countless other line with spinners attached.Laiden with my goodies I noticed my lilo was taking on water and sinking fast. Scrambling for the bank where Pat was waiting with my landing net handle to pull me in, all I could hear was loud raucious laughter.
There stood John with video camera in hand, how he kept it still or how he did'nt die laughing escapes me. However the moment I stood on dry land, a cold shiver went right through me as my wet suit had taken in water and as I stood up....."WHOOSH"...straight down my back, I was frozen to the bone and soaked right through.
Pat made the drinks while I tried in vane to get warm and John.........
well he just laughed, laughed & laughed.

FALLING IN..........
It always struck me as odd, as to all the stories you hear of anglers falling in whilst fishing.
I wondered how does this happen?
Then it happened to me, I was on the famed "Shed swim" at Fordwich Lake, gale force winds and torrential rain. My bivvie was a bit on the flimsey side to say the least. So I had storm poles pushed into the lake bed and guy ropes attached
It was mid January and the rain just never let up.This went on for two days, and fishless so I decided to pack-up. As it was so cold I had several layers of clothing on, topped by my wet gear, loaded up with my rucksack full of dry clothes complete with foam matress on top and camers case, I thought I would get these items to my car first.
It was raining so hard it was like thick fog, you could not see more than twp feet in front of yourself. However in my rush I clean forgot about the guy ropes and in a split second I was spun around and placed inceremoniously into the lake.
At first I did not realise that I was actually in the water as I was so wrapped up I was very warm. This must have been for a slit second, but felt like ages. It was very deep and I could not feel the bottom so I decided to swim to the edge, which was just a few feet away.
This was a struggle with my rucksack on my back but I soon reached the wooden walkway and tried pulling myself up, when it dawned on me why I could'nt. The rucksack and foam matress had been taking water, also my skee-tex. I managed to grab hold of the reeds to my right and drag myself in so I could stand up take off the rucksack and throw it onto the walkway. I then pulled myself out and as I stood and looked I saw my camers case floating in the middle of the lake and had to dive in to retrieve it....
glad I had it insured.
For several years I fished from Christmas eve through to Boxing Day in search of carp, I so wanted to catch one especially on Christmas day, I caught on Christmas eve but for me that was not good enough. So year after year out I went, most people thought I was completely insane but I loved it.
This particular year I was on Fordwich Lake in Canterbury fishing the famed shed swim, and with only a Pike to my name as I turned in for the night, my dog Brandy was already fast asleep curled up in his bed.
I woke up in the night and reached down for my torch and my fingers dipped into something wet and cold.On moving them I remember thinking that I dont remember making coffee and not drinking it. I moved my hand over and still it was wet and cold, I then reached over to the lantern and switched it on.Seeing the time it was 2am boxing day morning and to my horror everything was floating. The lake had flooded in the night, some of my gear was in the lake but I managed to retrieve it. Brandy was still fast asleep, I then went on check on my car. A tree had come down missing it by inches, I managed to drag it away and move my car onto dry land.
Walking over the wooden walkways they too were floating and sank six inches as I trod on them. Not wanting to fall in I took my time, First I grabbed my dogs bed with him still asleep, until he felt like he was flying without wings that is.I did'nt want a sopping wet dog in the car as well as all the wet gear.
I dont think I have ever packed away so quick before or since, and I was glad to be packing up for once.
On a sad note I no longer have Brandy as he died just over a year ago and I have'nt returned to the Shed swim since.