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Here we will look at different methods of getting freebies out to your swim


Probably the most common and widely used accessory used in topping up the swim. Very easy to use although some practice is an advantage when it come to accuracy.


Another common way to top up the swim and also very accurate in depositing freebies around the hook bait. This water dissolvable material comes in various types, from string to bags and stocking.
See a more in depth look at p.v.a here

p.v.a bag

These need alot of practice or they could end up costing you in lost and wasted bait, although once mastered are excellent at getting bait out at distance.
If your baits are soft, lubricate the inside of the stick with water before you start causing the boilies to just skid out the end of the stick.

throwing stick

This is sometimes the best and most accurate way of baiting at range with particles.
Baits such as hemp, pellet & maize etc are all fairly small & light and therefore not suitable for catapulting at distance.
The spod is designed to tip upside down when landing in the water,and therefore empties all the contents in one area.


A test curve of 4lb-5lb is recommended when spodding at range due to the fact that when a spod is full it can weigh anything up to 8oz and therefore you risk the chance of a "crack off".

Spod rods are widely available from many of the top manufacturers and cost from around 50 upwards of 100

Fox Spod

If you are only spodding short distances with a small spod like the "pocket rocket" (yellow one pictured above), normal carp rods of around 2½ to 3lb test curve should be ok.

Tie a  shockleader  to your mainline to absorb the impact.

Cast out a spod full of freebies to your visual target i.e. a tree or post etc. then clip up and reel in. In doing this you will hit the same area every time and not skatter bait all over the place
On your last cast of the spod, leave it where it is and the spod can be used as a marker for you to cast your hook bait.

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